Three Common Mistakes When Doing Weed Control


With Spring well on its way, your lawn will thrive more and give you an amazing yard. Even as your lawn comes to life, however, there’s a chance that weeds will come springing up along with it.

“But you can DIY yard weed control,” you say.

It’s true, weed control keeps weeds at bay and your lawn looking beautiful. Many homeowners, however, do not get weed control right; you need an expert like Greenside Landscapingto take care of the problem. Below are three common mistakes you might be making when doing weed control:

Improper Use of Fertilizer

During the warmer months, your lawn does not need much fertilizer. Applying fertilizer during this time could be encouraging the growth of weeds in your lawn and suppressing your lawn. You also need to be careful about the method of fertilizer application.

Too Much Water

Don’t believe in the hearsay that overwatering your lawn increases the rate of plant growth. In fact, overwatering is dangerous for your lawn as it encourages organisms to inhabit your lawn. Also, overwatering makes it hard for your plants to deepen their roots; this encourages the growth of weeds in your lawn. Likewise, as you avoid overwatering, do not underwater, as well.

Frequent Mowing

Mowing is a critical lawn care maintenance practice, but it is dangerous when you overdo it. You could be uprooting the nutrients necessary for plant growth and, hence, affect the state of your lawn everytime you mow. Frequent mowing causes the faster growth of weeds. You should make your mowing sessions to be at least once a week.

Now that you know what you should and not do in your weed control, ensure that you get weed control practice right this time. Involving an expert in yard weed control in Salt Lake City eases the work you should do when maintaining your lawn.

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