Rat Infestation Signs at Home

front view of a rat

Stuart Little, from the self-titled film, and Remy, from the animated movie Ratatouille, are just some of the famous rodent characters people love. Not to mention, the timeless presence of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. But, while people love fictional characters, real rodents — be it a rat or a mouse — are an unwelcome sight in any home.

But, having rodents of any form, is, unfortunately, a universal reality. Luckily, rodent control services in Boca Raton, FL can help you with your problems. Therefore, as a homeowner, it pays to know the common signs that rats are already in your house.

Signs of rat infestation in your home


Droppings are dark and moist and are commonly found in areas where rodents feed or nest. Once you notice such droppings, inspect the nearby area to determine whether there is a current, or new infestation.

Gnaw marks

Gnaw and chew marks are common in food packaging, walls, and floors, or basically anything that rodents can get themselves into. The lighter the color of the gnaw marks, the fresher and newer the infestation is.


Shredded paper and fabric are commonly used by rodents to make a nest. Once you see such nests, it is a sign that there is currently an infestation in your home.

Foul odor

Animals smell, especially those that are not domesticated. If you have pets at home and they suddenly spark an interest towards a particular area of your house, look closer as they might be smelling rodents in the perimeter. If you can whiff a stale smell, or a foul odor, along with other signs of infestation, then it most certainly is rodents.

Once these signs are seen, the best step to make is to seek professional help. Living with rodents is not only unhygienic and disgusting, but it will also pose a certain degree of harm to your health at some point. So, solve the problem before it becomes more severe.

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