4 Signs That Your Car Brakes are Failing

cars on the road with stop sign

As much as you need to go as fast as you want when driving, you should also be able to stop or slow down whenever you want or need to. In short, your car brakes play a crucial role not just in your overall driving experience, but also to your safety.

Therefore, having it checked regularly at least every six months is recommended. However, many car owners are guilty of going over the six-month period and would only bring their cars for brake repair services in Kaysville when problems start to arise. To prevent accidents from happening in the first place, Shadetree Automotive reminds that it’s necessary to know when your brakes need professional maintenance.

1. Brake warning lights

Sometimes, a simple look at your dashboard can help you know that there’s a problem with your brakes. Even if you don’t feel like anything is wrong with your car, when you see your brake warning lights light up, then you should bring it for inspection.

2. Strange noises

Screeching, squeaking, and other strange noises when stepping on the brakes is never normal. These are usually caused by worn out brake pads and should be replaced before accidents happen.

3. Vibrations

Vibrations when pressing the brake pedal is an indicator that a part of your brake, usually the rotor, is problematic. If your car veers to the left or right or feels like it is being pulled away, then it should be brought in for inspection or repair immediately.

4. Poor performance

A brake is designed to stop the car as soon as it gets the command. A split millisecond can prevent a huge accident from happening. But, if your brake slowly responds to commands, then it is an indication of a poor performance and should be repaired immediately.

Make it a habit to keep your brakes in check. Road safety, for you and the public, should always be a priority.

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