The House Hunt: Finding a Home That Fits Your Needs


HousesLooking for the best home for you to buy takes time and effort. This is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make, so it’s only natural to be cautious and consult an expert to know you’re making the best choice. Below, Novus Homes shares some ideas to help narrow down your choices and set your priorities straight.

Identify Your Budget

Begin your house search with a budget in mind. If you are planning to approach a lender for some cash, you need to have a preapproval letter in hand before even starting to look for a house. Have a credible realtor with you. Keep in mind that you don’t need to spend all the cash you can borrow. If you find the right home in the right price range, spend the extra cash (if any) to make a larger down payment.

Find an Appropriate Neighbourhood

After establishing a price range, it’s time to look for neighbourhoods where you would fit in and feel safe. If you have a family or planning to start your own, it’s advisable to find communities with double storey homes. By doing this, you’ll have more area for possible room additions in the near future. Also consider your proximity to work, other relatives, stores, schools, and parks.

Start Your Search

You can do the two previous steps at home or online. Now, it’s time to get out and start your search. Subscribe to email alerts and if you get a notification that a house of your preference got listed, then go to the open house. Look at 3 to 5 homes and narrow down your choices by looking at the pros and cons of each. Make sure a realtor is by your side for you to make the best decision.

Never rush anything when buying a home. Before making a final decision, make sure the home’s location, price, design, and size will be beneficial to you for years and years to come.

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