Keeping SEO Intact While Revamping Your Web Design

Revamping your Web Design

Revamping your Web DesignRevamping your website design every now and again is important to make sure every factor is updated. Use the most recent technological innovations available so that people can clearly view and easily navigate through your pages whatever device they’re using. But, your SEO strategy may experience issues during a time like this. C1 Partners says here’s what you should do to keep it secure even when redesigning.

Be Familiar with Your Site

If you are moving to a new domain, you have no choice but to change URLs. If not managed properly, this may result in individual page ranking loss and even overall loss of visibility in different search engines. That’s why you need SEO services from the most reputable companies.

Importing Links

First, you need a master list of all the URLs on your site. By doing this, the SEO company can properly change and redirect these pages to their new URLs. There are also plenty of online tools available for this. As a result, this will make the user experience more consistent and Google acknowledge you as a newly updated site.

Evaluating Inbound Links

Inbound links are important to develop the authority of your website and web pages. When you change URLs, existing inbound links must also be updated. An SEO company can perform a link audit to identify, reclaim, and sort these links out again. Give more importance to direct links over redirected ones for a clearer and faster path.

Follow Analytics Closely

After carrying out the design and revamping your whole site, it’s time to know if you’ve done everything right and if your SEO strategy is still working. Analytics is important this time. You should look for crawl errors, link count, broken links, pages indexed, and mobile usability. Measure and keep an eye on your traffic to make possible changes and improvements.

Make sure to work with a credible SEO company to do this the right way. If not, all your previous efforts in SEO may just go to waste.

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