The Great Move: Making Data Center Relocation a Success

Data center relocation

Data center relocationMoving a data center involves two Rs: resources and risks. Even if the project is likely to be complex and costly, there really are times when relocation is necessary and beneficial for a business.

Although there are many things to consider when making the move, there are basic elements you can keep in mind to ensure success. Refer to these strategies to guarantee a smoother transition:

Your Game Plan: Importance of Team and Tactics

Data center relocation could hurt your profits with unnecessary expenses and extended downtime if handled improperly. This is why it’s important that before you pack equipment or schedule application downtime, you must first have a team and data center relocation tactics.

Write a detailed list of your tactics. This should include deliverables, steps and signoffs before, during and after the actual move. As early as now, you should have a concrete picture of what your new data center design will look like to reduce downtime. Don’t forget to outline possible issues you may encounter. This should include challenges in productivity and finances.

Other than your overall methodology, you should also think about assembling your team. Given the complexity of the project, you should have a data center relocation project manager to oversee everything and a team to follow through with plans.

Your Action Point: Migration Methods to Use

Think very carefully about the methods you’ll use to transfer applications and data to the new data center. Here are some common methods you can apply:

  • Virtual transfer. This is probably the method that will have the least impact to your operations. It involves point-and-click transfer of virtual servers already operating.
  • Pack and deliver. This method requires switching off, relocating and rebooting the physical servers at the new data center. This is the riskiest of the methods.
  • Application failover. This method supports the other methods because it doesn’t require moving the application servers themselves. It employs an application-upgrade approach and reduces downtime.

Data center relocation is a costly and complex process. Have a detailed plan and use methods appropriate for your operations to ensure smoother transition.

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