3 Coolest Windows Found Worldwide

Coolest Windows

Coolest WindowsWhether they’re trying to boost a property’s value or aiming to stand out in the neighborhood, Utah’s homeowners know just how important uniqueness is. Well, if you’re having trouble coming up with unique ideas for your windows, here are three of the coolest windows found across the globe:

The A-Frame Window

A vacation home in Mountain West, California stands out for having an A-frame design. Due to its design, the property has an A-shaped window-door combination to complement the entire layout. It may be minimalist in theme, but the thin-framed windows still light the house’s interiors naturally.

Both the front and the back of the house have the triangular window-door system, although there are also narrow and rectangular windows in other areas to add a bit of brightness.

The Melting Pot of Shapes

This unique window is at a modernist property in Barcelona, Spain, now redesigned as a tourist destination. Its windows look like a melting pot of shapes. The main window frames feature irregular shapes along with round, quadrilateral and oval pieces secured by panes. Some glass pieces come in varying colors, giving off an abstract, stained-glass look.

Doll Case Window Seats

Window seats are a hit among property owners who want special nooks ideal for promoting uniqueness. But unlike other window seats, doll case window seats don’t have extra wooden or metal frames.

These look like Japanese doll display cases attached to a window pane that’s equipped with cushioned seats. Although they have that display window vibe, many minimalist homes have this window installation. Utah contractors can also recommend other types, especially for your house or location.

While there’s nothing wrong with going the DIY route in personalizing your abode, there are also perks with getting expert help. Utah has some fascinating houses not entirely made by DIYers after all. Couple incredible ideas with skill and experience for a wonderful outcome.

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