8 Proud Celebrity Moms Who Stood By Their Decision to Bottle Feed

Bottled Milk Drinker

Bottled Milk DrinkerBreastfeeding is one of the best things that mothers can do for their baby. Reasonable circumstances, however, may prevent some mothers from fulfilling this important activity. They turn to bottle feeding instead.

To help them nourish their babies safely, mothers use sterilized products recommended by healthcare professionals—some medical and dental professionals use products from trusted suppliers like Discount Disposables.

Here are some celebrity moms who choose to formula feed babies:

1. Bethenny Frankel

A mother may choose to bottle feed regularly as a complement to breastfeeding routine. Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel chose to supplement her baby’s formula with her own breast milk before letting her child start on solid food.

2. Beyoncé

Whether Beyoncé personally thought there is nothing wrong with choosing to formula feed, or if she believed breastfeeding is the way to go, no one will ever know. She let ten weeks of continuous breastfeeding pass before switching to formula feeding.

3. Giuliana Rancic

Some moms choose to breastfeed because of the health benefits for their babies. Giuliana Rancic, on the other hand, chose formula feeding because her son was a surrogate baby.

4. Brooke Shields

Actress and Bright Beginnings spokesperson Brooke Shields decided to formula feed her baby in between breast milk feedings.

5. Rachel Zoe

Other moms might hope to lose their postpartum weight by breastfeeding for several months. Fashionista Rachel Zoe, on the other hand, started feeding formula to her baby at three months.

6. Christina Applegate

After surviving breast cancer, actress Christina Applegate made her announcement of formula feeding her baby with pride.

7. Moly Sims

The Breast Is Best campaign strongly encourages moms to breastfeed their babies. Molly Sims chose to formula feed her baby after learning that breastfeeding hurts.

8. Kristin Cavallari

TV personality Kristin Cavallari believed that switching from breast milk to formula after five months of breastfeeding would help her save time.

These famous celebrity moms have decided that bottle feeding is one of their best decisions, especially when they have sterilization products to help them.

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