The Benefits of ACT Tutoring in London



Any student that wants to attend university in the United States will need to take the American College Test, or ACT. Young people who have grown up in the US will know all about the ACT and, for those with university ambitions, will have been preparing for it their whole school life.

For overseas students, there’s a bigger learning curve to face. As well as working hard to achieve the ‘A’ level results they need in their required subjects, they also need to meet the ACT standard to have a chance of being accepted into the American university of their choice. For UK students with the wish to study in the US, ACT tutoring in London is essential. Training organisations based in the capital such as A-List Education UK can provide university applicants with the information and skills they need to succeed.

What’s on the ACT?

There are four subjects covered: English, maths, reading and science. There is also an optional writing element. The test takes 3.5-4 hours, depending on whether the writing section is included.

Take it from those that know

One thing ACT students need is the inside track from those who have been there. Any training worth its salt will be delivered by American university graduates who have all successfully completed the ACT. It’s not just a case of revising like crazy, ACT Tutoring in Londoncan also give students strategies for approaching the test and making the best use of the allowed time.

Right timing

Students don’t have to wait until final exam time to take the ACT. They can take it at any time throughout the year, at the set times it is offered. Some students take it in Year 12. If they don’t get it right first time, this at least gives them the chance to apply to take it again.

A personal experience

Every student is different and has unique needs. Good ACT tutoring in Londonrecognises this and develops a bespoke plan for each applicant. Some students have more extra-curricular activities to fit around their study. Others may be studying coursework-heavy subjects. Whatever their needs, an experienced tutor will find a training schedule that plays to their particular learning strengths.

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