Types of Edges for Laminate Floors


laminated floor

When looking for materials for your building’s floor, there are undoubtedly numerous options you will come across. One of the most durable and surprisingly inexpensive options is laminate. Laminate floors closely resemble authentic exotic hardwood floors. They comprise three primary layers including the backing, core, and decorative layers. The core layer contains wood pulp which is compressed under pressure to withstand the forces of various elements on the floor.


laminate flooring systems from a Santa Ana, CA shop use pressures of over 1000 pound making them suitable for high traffic areas. Direct pressure laminates, on the other hand, are made under 300-500 pressure pounds and are ideal for places with minimal traffic like homes. One of the elements which affect the look of your laminate floors is their edge. The edge denotes the way your laminate planks are cut and affects how they will look when joined. Here are your laminate floor edge options.

Square Edge

Laminates with this edge have a 90-degree cut. The planks will thus exude a seamless, flat look when blended to create a uniformly flat surface. In most cases, square-edged laminate floor planks are more expensive compared to other options. This is because they have a high risk of damage and hence their packaging and distribution are customized. They are however the best choice for those looking for a minimalist and modern floor design. Square-edged laminate floors are also easy to maintain since they do not trap dust like other options.

Beveled Edge

Beveled-edged laminate planks feature edges which have been cut at a certain angle thus making a ‘V’ shape when the floor is installed. The beveled edges create maximum definition with the grooves between the floor and make the borders of your planks visible. This makes the planks ideal for detailed and rustic floors. The pronounced grooves in beveled laminate floors, however, make them difficult to clean since they act as a trap for grime and dirt.

Micro-Beveled Edge

laminated floor

Laminate planks with a micro-beveled edge have been cut at a slight angle and have small ’V’ shapes when joined with others. The grooves in these planks are less pronounced compared to those in the beveled edge planks and are not overly distracting when viewed from a distance. Micro-beveled edged planks suit both modern and traditional interior design styles and do not trap a lot of dirt and grime.

Rolled-Beveled Edge

In this edge design, the color and design of one plank appear to ‘’roll over’’ onto the next plank. This creates a continuous floor and color design which hides the borders of your laminate planks. The rolled-beveled edge look is one of the closest looking to authentic hardwood floors and is very easy to maintain. The boundaries of is planks are also not as defined as those of other options.

Other than the ideal edge from the above for your laminate planks, its installation will also affect the look of your floors. Laying the planks seems easy enough, but it isn’t. As such, get an expert installer for your laminate floor to guarantee the best look and a durable floor.

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