Speed it Up: Increasing Your Website’s Loading Time


Website Performance While site speed is not a key factor for search engine visibility, it always matters. This is because a faster loading site provides better user experience, which eventually translates to high inbound traffic, improved conversion rates, and other related benefits.

If your site loading slower than most websites, there are things you can do to improve its loading speed. Here are a few ways to make your site load faster:

Mind Image File Size

Images with large file size usually add to the downloading speed of the website. In most cases, the content will appear first before the photos do. It is a good idea to optimize your images or reduce the file size by cropping. You can also convert it to a lower resolution or reduce the image by changing the dimensions to a smaller version.

Limit Plugins

Denver SEO service providers say that installing too many plugins negatively affect the downloading speed of the website. This is why it best to evaluate which plugins you can eliminate to increase the speed of the page. Some of them might be out of date or might need upgrades. Other plugins, meanwhile, have no use at all and can be uninstalled altogether.

Get Rid of Clutter

Dated content and images do not just decrease your site’s downloading speed; they also annoy visitors. If you want your site to load faster, do not clutter the homepage with unnecessary content and images. You can also use links such as “click here” or “read more” to decrease the time it takes for a page to load completely.

Use a Caching Plugin

A good caching plugin will help increase the download speed of your website. This because a user will have a cached version of the page unless the content of the web page has been changed since the last cache. This is beneficial in speeding the loading time of the page by lowering requests to the server.

Apart from these suggestions, it is also a good idea to reduce http requests, use content delivery network, and delete unnecessary meta data. You can also get help from SEO service providers to address other factors that affect your website’s downloading speed.

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