Using Roman Blinds Effectively


Roman BlindsWondering how to use Roman blinds to dress your windows effectively? These blinds are most efficient in on smaller windows. They are also a substitute to curtains, especially if you don’t like curtains. Roman blinds also use less fabric, meaning that they are less expensive. 

Right here in Perth, you’d find it very easy to shop for blinds online. But how do you use them to dress your windows?

Select the right fabric

The major and first step in choosing appropriate Roman shades is the choice of the face fabric. This is because it will influence the translucency of the shade as well as set the pattern and color of the final product. Avoid too rigid or very thick materials, as you will desire the folds to lie well on top of each other.

Decide whether a lining is appropriate

Whereas some blinds may not be lined, some rooms demand that you line your shades. If you need some level of privacy or you need protection from strong sun rays, you may consider adding a lining. The choice of a lining fabric depends on the room. For a living room, you may only need a lighter fabric while a bedroom calls for a blackout lining.

You may add curtains for total darkness

Some rooms, especially babies’ bedrooms may be darkened by a combination of curtains and blinds. This helps in insulating the room as well as reducing the light bleed.

Go for bold patterns

Don’t shy away from using bold colors and designs for your blinds because stripes and patterns are great on Roman blinds. Given that fabric in the blinds is usually flat on, the design is not lost in folds.

Complement with curtains

Be bold and mix window-covering styles by covering some windows with blinds and others with curtains. If the fabric used to make curtains and blinds is the same, blinds can go with curtains very well, making your room stand out.

Appropriate placement

Depending on the architecture, you may have to place the shade inside or outside the window frames. A house with great architecture and beautiful windows will dictate that the shades be placed inside the window frames so that they do not hide the moldings. On the other hand, a house, whose frames are not very attractive, may demand that the shades be placed outside the window frames.

Now you know what it takes to use Roman blinds to decorate your home. If you are in need of blinds, you can shop online for great shades.

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