My Precious: The Security and Investment Power of Gold

sovereign coins

Many investors trust in gold funds, and for good reason. Investing in gold is a wise decision, as the rates are always increasing. In most cases, gold has proven to be a saviour in times of financial crisis. Your gold coins can act as insurance when you need quick cash since you can easily sell your collection at high prices. But how can you invest in physical gold sold as coins or bars?

sovereign coins

Here are your options:

Gold sovereign

Sovereign coins benefit investors, as they are smaller and attractive. Both collectors and investors find something to love about British sovereign coins because of their rich history. If you decide to buy sovereign coins, make sure to buy only from reliable sellers offering authentic coins.


This is the most popular of all the modern one-ounce gold bullion coins. You can buy it at lower prices than any other bullion coins. Krugerrands are not especially attractive when compared to sovereigns, but they do have a consistent, high-production quality.

Gold bars

According to experts, often the price for a single one-ounce bar is equal to a single one-ounce Krugerrand. Larger bars are not as easy to resell. Only a specialist gold dealer can give you a good price for gold bars. If you buy a one-kilo gold bar, it is not going to be convenient to sell a portion of it.

Given gold’s proven reliability, buying gold definitely makes sense. It continues to enjoy high and consistent value, which will translate to better security for your investment portfolio in the long term.

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