Tool Cleaning: Sterilization vs Disinfection

sterilization products

People who work in the medical industry should implement hygienic techniques to keep equipment and supplies clean and sterilized. To accomplish the same, you need to know the difference between sterilization and disinfection. Here’s a short comparison to help differentiate the two:

sterilization products


This kills all the microorganisms, whether harmful or not, on any surface or object. This includes the spores that might develop after some time. People working in the dental and health care industry use heat, chemicals, high pressure, and halogens like chlorine to sterilize medical devices and surgical instruments. Sterilization products such as pouches, wraps, and tubing are also available in stores that carry infection control products.


This only reduces a number of microorganisms that can cause infection or disease, and is usually for decontaminating surfaces and the air. Air disinfectants, rubbing alcohol, and oxidizing agents are some examples. These different products don’t have the ability to kill resistant bacterial spores, though. If you’re planning to use any of these equipment or tools, disinfection may not be enough to save you from contamination.

Regardless of the industry or medical field you work in, you should know which products are most effective for cleaning for your materials. Find a supplier offering sterilization and disinfection products for more information.

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