Pipe Boxing: The Solution to Ugly Plumbing


Pipe BoxingEyesores have never had a place in people’s homes, and there are countless examples to prove so, from the ingenious reworking of unwanted fixtures to the ridiculous cover-ups homeowners would perform. Often with a blanket.

But, this is not to say that cover-ups are bad. Done right, they can make all the aesthetic difference without all the functional sacrifice. In the case of pipe boxing, it even goes beyond form.

A Plumbing Problem

Unless you live in the type of home where exposed plumbing is considered chic, then you would want those pipes to go somewhere where sunlight cannot reach them. This is not just a visual requirement, mind you; UV radiation really can do a number on PVC plumbing.

Even in cases where exposed pipes are not at risk of bursting from extreme heat and cold, they can appear quite unsettling to the residents and visitors alike, as it puts the nuance behind a house’s plumbing plans into question.

In households where exposed plumbing was not part of the plan, the solution needs to go further than draping a piece of cloth, painting the pipe over or breaking the line of sight with some object that is not supposed to be there. What they need is a stylish, well-constructed pipe boxing.

A Subtle Solution

Usually made of aluminium or plywood, pipe boxing offers a complete solution to the form and function concerns exposed plumbing raises. Easy to install, clean and maintain, pipe boxing is a simple and inexpensive alternative to completely re-piping an entire section of a home.

Manufacturers from Contour note that pipe boxing also comes in a multitude of shapes, sizes and styles, so homeowners need not worry about the fixtures not blending in.

Pipe boxing makes for a subtle cover-up. Homeowners currently dealing with exposed plumbing should consider choosing the solution that will benefit them the most while costing them the least.

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