Party Planning 101: Making Your Event Twice as Fun


PartyWant to know the secret to pulling off a fabulous and exciting party? It’s more than just being a generous host; you have to enjoy the party as a guest yourself. Some say that if you love the party you’ve hosted, your visitors will follow suit.

Here are some tips to make your party twice as fun:

Always Be Prepared

To make sure you cover and get everything you need, have your own to-do list at least a week or two before your event. This will take away the stress of last minute changes. For your menu list, it is best to avoid foods that require heating before serving—or else you’ll be spending more time in your kitchen than with your guest.

Keep Your Menu as Simple as Possible

As says, a cocktail party is more entertaining and fun when you serve food in buffet style. No need to worry about serving your guest individually—they can just get a plate and choose the food that will satisfy their taste. As for the refreshments, choose a drink that everyone can enjoy. You can set a variety of fixings on the bar and allow your guests to play as bartender. This is definitely more fun than just watching a bartender mix their drinks for them.

Get Your Guests to Talk with Each Other

Make your party more exciting by allowing your guests to know each other, especially if they are from different groups of friends. You can do this by letting them participate in the dinner preparations, or by holding an icebreaker activity in your party. This is certainly a good way to make your guests mingle with one another throughout the event.

Whether you are throwing a formal party or just a casual get-together, you definitely want your guests to have a good time. You’ll have no problem with your party, as long as you know how to do the basic preparations and keep your guests entertained.

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