3 Smart Tricks to Save Money on Your New Car


carThere’s a good chance you can strike a great deal on your new set of wheels if you know where and when to look. Prices on new vehicles can fall far below the sticker price at certain seasons and different reasons.

That is why a good research can help you slash big discounts off your dream car. Let these simple tricks further help you save money on your new car purchase.

Know When to Buy

Good deals come at the end of the month, but the best deals and deepest discounts come at the end of the year. Dealers have sales targets to hit and the pressure gets harder when the month or year is about to end.

Year-end clearance sale also means that car dealers are doing their best to get rid of excess inventories and slow selling vehicles. So put off the purchase until the month- or year-end to get amazing cash rebates and an affordable car.

Look for Incentives

There are many incentives available for car shoppers including cash rebates, cash-back programs and low interest rates in auto loans in Michigan. A good credit can give you as low as 3% percent interest rate for an auto loan these days. Hunt for deals and cut-rate financing and surely, you’ll find one that can best serve you.

Request Pricing from Different Dealers

One trick that can help you save a lot of money on a new car is working the dealers against each other. These days you can request pricing online from local dealers. Take the lowest offer and ask the other dealers if they can beat it. You might be surprised that one may actually do it.

Saving money on your new car is possible and easy just by doing a little research on your end. A great deal is always around the corner once you learn the money-saving tricks in the car business.

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