An Active Night in Intramuros: Going Beyond Sightseeing


IntramurosVisiting Manila’s walled city of Intramuros usually calls for daylight and learning, of course, this is expected. It was built in 1590 and is one of the places in the country where heritage and local culture is alive. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Tourist or not, witnessing and walking through the streets of the Philippines’ original “Manila” is an experience not to be missed. You’re probably picturing hot afternoons while listening to a tour guide educate you on the stories behind each infrastructure.

While this is the normal setup in the historic city, you cannot help noticing just how beautiful it becomes as the sky dims and street lights replaces the sun. You are not alone in this realization, so why not come back for an active night in the walled city? Enjoy these activities under the moonlit sky.


The vintage construction of the city makes it an extraordinary place to pedal through. Sure you’ve walked in the footsteps of the National Hero, but have you biked in the walled city?

Intramuros’ closed vicinity makes it a friendly trail graced with picturesque views to enjoy and take in. While in the Philippines, mountain biking is a rewarding experience, biking through the heritage sites gives you a glimpse of its colorful past, but in a different perspective.

Wall Climbing

The wall or the “Baluartes” is the one where many people sit and go people-watching. The view from inside looking out is not without a bit of a climb. Stretch your muscles under the moonlight without having to worry about humidity and the scorching sun. See the view and see it glimmer amidst the flashing lights of the “outside city.”


Do a little something contemporary in the historical site by getting on a skateboard. In your journey, you will find a secret corner where modernity thrives amidst vintage buildings and structures. This is where the skaters go—that little spot with spray-painted walls and makeshift ramps. Give it a try and enjoy the diverse atmosphere.

Your trip to the famous tourist destination need not be boring and sedentary. Go at night where the beauty and charm of the city is multiplied, and enjoy the activities that keep you moving.

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