What Motion Graphics Can Do to Your Business

3D motion graphic speaker

3D motion graphic speakerDo you want a new way to market your products and services? Why not try videos and motion graphics for a change. Motion graphics refers to any graphic movement using cell animation, stop-motion, 3D, and other digital material. People who create these provide information while telling a story. It’s interactive, so many are investing in this kind of material.

Here’s what it can do for your business:

Grab Attention and Retain Customers

Digital marketing experts, like Penna Powers and Moz.com, noted that a well-written article is good, but a video might do better. Remember that people have a short attention span. You grab their interest with an eye-catching title, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll read the entire article.

Motion graphics simply tell a story. It doesn’t need a huge amount of text because the video content speaks for itself. In addition, it doesn’t force your audience to think and imagine. Everything is on the video and all they need is to watch and learn.

Be Remembered by Your Audience

Experts also say that people absorb about 58% of what they watch from motion graphics and animated videos. If you’ve conducted a study about your industry, why not share it to the public through motion graphics. Instead of presenting a block of text on your blog, show moving charts and images. See how your audience will remember the study you shared and the people behind it.

Increase Conversion Rates

Invodo Video Statistics revealed that people are 85% more likely to buy after watching product videos. After all, nobody wants to buy a product or service without knowing what’s in it for them. A short explanation through motion graphics can increase your click-through rate, boost your sales, and help your business grow.

Motion graphics will help your business more than you can imagine. Try it for your products and services and discover its benefits.

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