Injury Claim Settlement: Getting What You Deserve

Injured man consulting with lawyer

Once the negotiation process heats up in your injury case or any property damage case, you need to make sure you get what you deserve.  Keep in mind that the other party will do their best to reduce the costs. That’s why it is advisable to consult a professional.

Call a seasoned personal injury attorney in Kent to ensure that you’ll get the right compensation for the injuries or damages you incurred. Other than legal counseling, here are the things you should do when it comes to injury claim settlement:

1. Determine the Amount You Think You Deserve

Before drafting a demand letter, it’s best to have an estimated amount of your desired claims. Try to compute all the expenses, including hospital bills, on-going medication, income loss, and other damages. Your legal counsel should help you determine the range of your compensation.

2. Never Jump at the First Offer

This is a common mistake when discussing the settlement issues. Keep in mind that going for the first offer can make it more difficult to maximize the compensation. The other party usually offers a very low settlement amount. They could even deny any liability. This “delaying tactic” helps them determine whether you really understand the worth of your claim. Any sign of impatience indicates that you’re prone to taking any amount they will offer.

3. Let Them Justify a Low Offer

Always remember that every conversation is all about negotiation tactics. They will do everything to haggle the final amount. Just play it cool. Before making any adjustment from your demand letter, let them provide specific reasons why they came up with that offer. Take notes and prepare a response for each factor they might mention. Depending on the case, you may lower the settlement amount slightly.

Never take an offer you think you don’t deserve. Using emotional points in your favor can also help maximize your claim. When in doubt, ask your legal counsel for help.

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