Discovering the Value of Preventive Oral Health Care


Family brushing teeth togetherThe importance of good oral health is often underestimated, but is a key part of a person’s well being. Healthy teeth are necessary for the proper biting and chewing of food. They also guarantee a patient’s ability to speak and smile. For all these reasons, visiting a dentist regularly for preventive reasons is highly recommended.

While oral health has improved in the UK over the past few decades, a significant amount of the population still goes without basic oral hygiene care. Oral diseases such as decay and gum dise

ase are very common and account for significant pain and tooth loss. Visiting a dentist in Soho, such as PS Dental Care, from an early age is recommended, since early prevention and early intervention can save patients from problems later in life. Moreover, early visits to the dentist are guaranteed to help a patient develop a healthy oral health care routine that will continue consistently throughout their life.

Why is prevention so important?

Preventive dental care means that potential problems can be diagnosed at an early stage and treated before they become too extensive and expensive. In particular, patients who are prone to cavities and gum disease should visit the dentist in Soho more frequently than others, since both these conditions come without symptoms during their early stages. Cavities can lead to severe decay, toothache and tooth loss, whereas gum disease can cause the destruction of the soft tissue and the jawbone, which can also lead to tooth loss. Maintaining strong and healthy teeth should be a part of a complete oral health care plan that starts at home and is supported by the dentist in Soho.

Woman flossing

Importance of regular examinations and cleaning

An efficient dental care programme should contain a combination of at-home oral care, regular examinations and professional cleaning. Patients who fail to follow this combination of self-care tips and treatments are more likely to experience oral disease. Even regular brushers and flossers are at risk, since only a dentist in Soho can remove tartar from the teeth effectively.

Scheduling dental checks and cleaning should be an important aspect of the oral care routine of any person. It is advised that patients schedule a professional check-up at least every six months.

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