How to Choose the Right Colours for Your Car?

Car Paint

Car Paint in Perth It is necessary to pick the right colour for your car. New car purchasers always wonder which the best colour for your vehicle is.

Car painting in Perth and elsewhere is big business as the colour of the car sometimes determines the resale value. Here are some things to take note of during the selection.

  • Personal preferences count

It is your car; so your preferences really matters. You should however also consult your family members and your spouse before picking a suitable colour for your car. Intelligent car owners also prefer to buy a popular colour as the resale will be easier and more profitable. But you might want to know that white is the colour of choice of majority car buyers in most countries. Black is a close second which came as a surprise. The other colours silver, grey, blue and red come in, in exactly the same order.

  • Factors to consider

There are some factors you need to consider before picking a suitable colour for your car. It is best to pick a colour that is easy to maintain well. You should perhaps also consider which colour will be safer on the roads.  Some car buyers also want to choose a colour that will camouflage all dents, scratches and blemishes.

  • Some buyers are obstinate

There are some buyers who want a particular colour of choice and are even willing to change models to get the colour they wish to have. They are also willing to wait until their colour of choice is made available at any price. They are not flexible, but there are others who are flexible and are willing to settle for their second or third colour of preferences. If you are flexible then it is better as you will get your car immediately and at a good price.

Whichever category of buyers you fit in, it is best to look at all the colour options available. This is because new colours are constantly added by the various car manufacturers and you might like a colour that you did not know existed.

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