Avoid Certain Activities and Exercises after an Orthopaedic Surgery


CyclingThe body will be very tired after an orthopaedic surgery and you will loathe moving. The body will be healing and any prolonged activity can hamper the process of healing. Some exercises might even cause pain and discomfort.

Although you might be eager to get back in action, Keep Moving notes that there are some activities you have to avoid while some others you can do within your comfort levels only.

  • Sporting activities

You have to avoid any kind of sporting activities including running and cycling. These are high impact exercises and can cause the heart beat to increase raising your blood pressure. This can cause bleeding in the wounds. Weight lifting, swimming, crunches, aerobics etc should also be avoided for the same reason. Bending of knees should also be avoided if you have had knee surgery, till your orthopaedic surgeon gives you a green signal.

  • Driving and work

Ideally you should not drive for at least six weeks after any kind of orthopaedic surgery. If you have a manual car then driving can be dangerous as your reflexes can be slow and you might be in pain. It is also best to follow the doctor’s advice on when you can return to work. If the nature of your work involves manual labour of any sort then you should abide strictly by your doctor’s suggestions.

  • Other activities to be avoided

Climbing stair cases should also be done only after consulting your attending doctor. This can be strenuous as it needs the lungs, legs and heart to work in tandem to support you back and body. Even sexual activity and squatting should be avoided till the wound is healed completely.

All activities that can cause discomfort and induce stress should be avoided during the early days of recovery. If you take things slowly then your body will heal quickly and so will your wound. Then you can peacefully return to your usual lifestyle and exercise routines.

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