How Early Can Kids Get Their Teeth Straightened?

Girl with braces

Having straight teeth brings enormous benefits, not only in terms of looks but also in terms of oral health and physical comfort. People who don’t get their teeth straightened can suffer from all sorts of problems as the decades pass, problems which are easily avoided with braces in Glasgow.

Most parents want their kids to have a good set of straight, healthy teeth, but may not know how or when they should start getting braces in Glasgow. The first thing to do is find a good dentist who knows about these things, such as those at Park Orthodontics. Not all dentists have specifically trained in the branch of dentistry concerned with teeth straightening and it is worth finding one who has.

Spotting issues early

A well-trained braces dentist can make accurate predictions about children’s teeth from an early age, even as young as seven years old. With the use of x-rays and scans, they will be able to tell how the adult teeth are going to come through behind the milk teeth.

This knowledge allows the dentist to plan treatment with braces in Glasgow that will gently and comfortably ensure the teeth descend in alignment with each other, and that the upper and lower jaws are well-aligned too.

Starting treatment young

Treatment can begin when there is a mix of adult and milk teeth in place. Getting treatment at a young age is especially important is there are issues with the bite. Sorting this out means being able to influence the jawbone and to do this successfully, the jawbone needs to still be young and malleable. After about age 18, the bone sets hard and can no longer be changed.

What braces?

Kids braces tend to still be made of metal because they are more robust than the ceramic ones that adults favour these days. However, the brackets are much smaller than back in the 80s, when braces became icons of adolescence, and can be brightened up with colourful elastics, perhaps in the colours of a favourite football team. These braces also use gentler forces than before, so kids find braces comfier these days.

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