Some Signs that Dentures Need Replacing

Dentists working on dentures

It’s important for people to be on the lookout for ways to improve their life experience when it comes to their teeth. Many people enjoy wearing dentures in Richmond to replace missing teeth. It’s possible to have all the teeth replaced with dentures. Some people have a partial denture that just replaces some teeth.


There’s no getting away from the fact that there is a period of adjustment when someone first gets dentures. This can mean that they feel like the dentures are too big for their mouth or insecure in some way. This typically fades over time and should not affect the patient’s ability to eat or speak in the long term. If adverse symptoms do not fade, this can be a sign of ill-fitting dentures. The patient should consult a dentist to improve their experience of dentures in Richmond. Some dentists in Richmond offer dentures, including Sheen Dental Implants, can offer denture stabilisation with dental implants, which stops dentures sliding around.


There can be some sensations associated with dentures in Richmond when they are first fitted. This includes some aching in the jawbone as the user gets accustomed to using unfamiliar muscles to keep them in place. However, any sore patches where the dentures are rubbing on the gums should be reported to their dentist immediately. It may be that they need to have their dentures reshaped.


Every five years or so, it is recommended that a patient change their dentures even if they do not experience any of the above. To begin with, the mouth does change over time and although they may be well adapted to their dentures at this point, they might still be able to achieve a better experience with a re-fit.

Also, dentures are slightly porous. This is one of the reasons why it recommended that they are soaked overnight each day. Some debris can get stuck in the porous material and brushing alone will not remove it. Regardless of how diligent a patient is with their hygiene routine, after a significant period, they can still end up with dentures that are not as fresh as they could be.

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