Getting Great Service at the Dentist in Harley Street

Woman at a dental clinic

Patients can choose to visit the dentist wherever they want to. They don’t need to choose one in close proximity to where they live or work. This means that they can choose on the basis of the service that is offered by the dentist. It also helps to encourage dental practices to maintain high standards in order to attract patients to their clinics.

Even when someone chooses a dentist in Harley Street with a great reputation, like Harley Street Dental Clinic, there are still some things they can do to ensure that they get the service they want.

Check out the treatment range

Not every dentist in Harley Street will offer the same services. It is better for patients to choose one with a wide range so that they know that if they need or want other treatments, they are likely to be available. These are just some of the treatments that a comprehensive practice might offer:

• Cosmetic dentistry – teeth whitening, cosmetic orthodontics, veneers, gum lift, smile makeovers;

• Children’s dentistry;

Orthodontics – clear braces, lingual braces;

• Facial aesthetics – chemical peels, fillers, Botox, biorevitalisation, Plexr.

These are alongside all of the standard offerings that someone might expect to see at the dentist such as preventive care, restorative work and routine check-ups.


It is important for patients to feel like they can communicate openly with their dentist. They can check out the online presence of their dentist to see if they like the philosophy and bios of the people at the practice. During their first appointment, they can discuss their various dental needs, priorities and aspirations with their dentist.


Building a great long-term relationship with a dentist can help patients to feel more comfortable and ready to take advantage of all the practice has to offer. The dentist can get to know them better and further personalise their treatment. It also means that they experience better dental hygiene in the long run. Check-ups are an important part of routine dental care because dentists can spot issues with the teeth before a patient feels any discomfort or difficulty. They can often repair the tooth before it deteriorates significantly and offer advice on care to prevent further problems.

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