Same but Different: Dental Implants in Leeds

Woman with dental implants

What is the dental implant experience really like? Of course, everyone has their own unique journey, and with many different types of dental implants in Leeds now available, it depends on whether someone goes for a single implant, bridge-supported implants, denture stabilisation, zygomatic or same-day implants.

Factors to consider before dental implants

Different groups will have a different experience due to their capacity to heal from surgery – implants are more likely to fail in smokers for example, or those with uncontrolled diabetes. In fact, some dentists offering dental implants in Leeds, such as those at Enhancedental, refuse to go ahead with surgery unless the patient quits smoking or gets their diabetes under control.

Bone density is also a factor – a healthy person in their early 30s is more likely to have sufficient bone density in their jaw than an 80- year-old patient with a chronic illness. If preparatory work is needed to build-up the jaw, such as a bone graft or sinus lift, this makes the whole procedure longer and more painful, due to the extra surgery needed.

And psychology is also a factor. 12% of UK adults experience extreme dental phobia, where even the thought of sitting down in the dentist’s chair can induce a panic attack. These patients may opt for conscious sedation. Sedation calms the nervous system, so feelings of anxiety melt away. The patient remains conscious but will likely feel drowsy and may not remember the procedure afterwards.

So, are there any common threads that run through the dental implant experience?

One thing every dental implant patient will have to go through is the healing period. Even those who opt for same-day implants – where teeth are fitted on the same day as implants – will still have to be gentle with their new teeth while the implants underneath heal. There’s no getting round the fact that osseointegration, where the jawbone bonds with the implants, takes time – from several weeks to a few months.

And, with any dentist worth their salt, implant surgery will be meticulously planned. From initial consultation, to preparation, from surgery to aftercare, each stage will be thoroughly executed and explained to the patient in detail so there are no surprises.

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