The importance and practice of cosmetic dentistry

Dentist during a patient consultation

A cosmetic dentist in Southampton is an oral health professional whose job is to focus on the aesthetics of the smile. A cosmetic procedure may have secondary health benefits for the patient, but this is not the primary focus when creating a cosmetic plan.

Before someone can go ahead with treatments focused on aesthetics, they need to have relatively healthy teeth. Not only does this usually make any procedure more effective, it also helps some of them to last longer. A cosmetic dentist in Southampton, like Smilemakers, may recommend restoration and repair procedures before they go ahead with beautifying the smile.

Why are we concerned about the appearance of the smile?

It’s natural for someone to focus on the appearance of their smile when they want to improve their looks. It forms a central part of the face and is utilized to make expressions. It’s a key transmitter of unspoken communication and, if it is uncertain or causes low self-esteem, that is the message that gets articulated to the world.

How does a cosmetic dentist in Southampton assess the smile?

The cosmetic dentist has a number of factors to weigh up if they intend to make recommendations to a patient who wants a full smile makeover. They need to look at the whole smile and its context within the face. They will assess colour, symmetry, alignment and general condition. They may also look at the gums and lips.

What can be done to improve the smile?

The number of cosmetic procedures that can be used to improve the smile is growing all the time. Some are quick and simple, like teeth whitening, while others are more extensive, like gum reshaping. Many people choose to have more than one treatment. A dentist can recommend combinations of treatments that complement each other. This might involve a long-term treatment plan.

Many dental practices also now offer non-surgical facial aesthetics procedures, like Botox and dermal fillers, alongside their dentistry offerings. This is so that someone can address their look holistically and create a stunning overall effect. People can relax when they get these procedures at the dentist knowing that they are working with medically trained professionals.

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