Getting Straighter Teeth is Easy with Clear Braces in Clapham


Woman wearing her invisalignMost people would be happy to invest time, effort and money into getting their teeth straightened if they didn’t have to also suffer the embarrassment that goes with wearing clunky metal braces. Metal braces are forever associated in the mind with being a kid on a bike, or that nerdy teenager at the front of the class who knows all the maths but none of the best computer games. It’s not a look that serious adults wish to have, even in the name of looking better than ever when the braces come off.

That’s why the dental research industry has put a lot of time and effort into a new generation of clear braces in Clapham, which are available from reputable dental clinics such as Clapham South Dental Centre. Now that adults can get straight teeth without having to look silly at work, more and more people are investing in their teeth.

And the great thing about cosmetic clear braces in Clapham is that they not only make people look better, they also help teeth last longer. When teeth are lined up well against each other, they are much more reachable with the toothbrush and dental floss, and plaque is easier to sweep away. Plaque is the root cause of dental decay and gum disease, and it’s important to be able to remove it. With less build-up of plaque, there is much more chance of hanging onto one’s teeth for longer. And these days, it’s all about teeth for life rather than removing them and replacing them with restorations.

Clear braces in Clapham, however, don’t work very well on complex alignment issues. The bracket and wire clear braces have smaller brackets that are made of clear ceramic and finer wires. They are designed for small movements of the front 6-8 teeth. Clear aligners, which go over the teeth like mouth guards, cannot deal with some alignment issues that require a pulling force rather than pushing. People who cannot have either of these styles can however, have lingual braces which hide behind the teeth, next to the tongue, where they cannot be seen.

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