Why do so Many People Choose Dental Treatment in Hungary?


dental treatment appointmentFor many people, the cost of any serious dental treatment in the UK or Eire has now become prohibitive and they are left with a stark choice. They can either travel abroad as a dental tourist or they can go without and suffer the consequences. No wonder then that there are thousands of people booking flights and hotels in Europe, not with the aim of sightseeing or lying on a beach, but with a focus on getting their teeth fixed.

Dental treatment in Hungary has become so popular that the country is now seen as the dental tourism capital of Europe. But what makes Hungary so popular? Let’s take a look at the reasons why more than 65,000 dental patients are flooding over to clinics such as Access Smile in Budapest.

First of all, the savings

Economics is the main driver behind getting dental treatment in Hungary. Treatments in Budapest can be as much as 50-70% cheaper than in the UK or Eire. When someone is having expensive treatments such as dental implants, which cost around £1,500 per implant back home, that can represent savings of thousands and thousands of pounds or Euros.

The savings come from the fact that the cost of living is much cheaper in Hungary, so rents and business rates are lower.

High standards of care

People may think that dentists in Hungary are not as good as those back home, but in fact the quality of training and facilities is as high as it is back home, sometimes better. There is also a very well regarded professional dental association that Hungarian dentists have to be accredited to in order to practise.

Also, when it comes to cleanliness, Hungary has one of the lowest rates of MRSA in Europe.

Good dentists also offer preparatory work and aftercare back home so patients only have to make one journey to Budapest to get dental treatment in Hungary.

Easy to get to

Hungary is easy to get to from the UK and Ireland, taking about 2.5 hours from London Gatwick and 3 hours from Dublin. Some clinics even provide a meet and greet service so that patients don’t have to worry about getting lost on public transport in Budapest.

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