Furnace Making Sounds? Determine Which Ones are Normal

Furnaces Maintenance
Furnaces Maintenance in HerrimanFurnaces make normal sounds, but those far from normal should already tell you it is time to contact a repair specialist.

To help you determine which ones are normal from those that are not, check out the list below.


When your furnace makes squealing sounds, this typically indicates a slipped or a loose belt which connects the motor to the fan.


Grinding sounds from a blower typically means the motor’s bearings have worn out. In this case, turn off the system and call a furnace service specialist in Herriman right away.

Sometimes, grinding noises also signal a misaligned belt or that the belt has already worn. Usually, this means your belt needs a replacement. To do this, you need to remove the system’s access panel, unscrew some bolts that keep the blower motor in place with the right tension, and then either realign or readjust or install the new belt. When doing the reinstallation part, pay attention to how tight you put the bolts in, as this can lead to premature wearing of the motor bearings.


When your furnace produces rattling noises during operation, it can mean a number of things. One is loose cover panels. Check their screws and make sure they are tightly in place.

Loud buzzing

When you turn off your furnace and it makes a loud buzzing sound, the possible culprit is a loose or improperly mounted transformer.


There are many parts of your furnace that can produce humming noises. One way to diagnose this is through careful inspection of each component. You can do this by taking off the cover of the burner compartment. Pay careful attention to each part or control to determine which one generates the humming sound. In most cases, you can correct this by simply properly tightening the mounting screws.


Furnaces typically create clicking sounds after they reach the end of a full cycle. You will hear the clicking sound after the heater turns off. A swooshing sound usually accompanies the clicking noises. However, there is also the possibility that the clicking and swooshing are results of leaks. You need to contact a furnace repair technician as this can pose serious safety hazards.

Always remember that your furnace is one of the most expensive systems in your home, and taking good care of it means being knowledgeable of things that can go wrong with it.

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