For People Lost in Life: Technology and the Human Mind


GPS SatelliteWhen people say that they are “only human,” what does it really mean?

Common knowledge dictates that it is human to err. Committing mistakes is normal. Feeling lost and having no idea of what to do or where to go next is a part of life. For people who feel like they are lost, the answers are out there – they simply have to recognize it.

Technology Comes to the Rescue: Being Lost, Literally

GPS, or Global Positioning System, has been in existence for a while now. It is technology’s offering to those who are lost. Cars, for example, have GPS – it helps drivers navigate unfamiliar roads.

A Global Positioning System satellite simulator, meanwhile, provides a handful of advantages since it does away with the need to communicate with a base station. Accelerometers and gyroscopes provide the necessary measurements. People who have a poor understanding of directions can rely on technology to guide them. Feeling lost, at its core, is a state of mind.

Since feeling lost is a human experience, technology has the capacity to provide accuracy in direction.

The Mind Is Your Best Ally: Understanding the Metaphor of “Being Lost”

The Huffington Post offers advice for people who feel lost. It is important for you to know that losing something, such as a job or a relationship, doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. Lamisha Serf-Walls writes that the key is “not to get stuck” in that state of loss. Basically, one has to keep moving, no matter the struggle.

Serf-Walls suggests taking control. Here are seven tips that can help anyone regain direction in their lives:

  1. Know Where Your Passion Lies and Pursue It
  2. Going on an Adventure is a Journey Towards Reconnection
  3. Dream Big and Aspire for Greater Things
  4. Move Out of Your Comfort Zone and Grow
  5. Discover Silence, Be Open, and Learn How to Listen
  6. Understand that You Have the Power to Do Anything You Want
  7. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

While it is true that feeling lost is normal, don’t stay in that phase for too long. Know that technology exists to make life better, whether literally or figuratively. You have the power to escape this feeling.

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