Make Sure Your Colon Is Healthy


A doctor and patient undergoing a consultation Many individuals who have family members diagnosed with colon cancer often get paranoid that they too might suffer from it. To relieve your worries, you should take a test to determine your risk for colon cancer.

Colorectal cancer is one of the leading causes of death among men and women, but numbers have shown that more men die from the disease. The Australian government published statistics that in 2016, there were 17,520 new cases of bowel cancer. The trend has been shown to increase each year, making many people wary about the disease. Fortunately, there are tests that allow doctors to screen a patient for colon cancer.


This is one of the tests used to determine whether a patient is susceptible to colon cancer. According to, this test only covers the anal area. The gastroenterologist uses an anoscope to look at the internal portion of the anus. Through this procedure, doctors could diagnose other ailments aside from cancer. This would include hemorrhoids and fissures.


The sigmoidoscopy can reach further than an anoscopy. It can see inside the colon using a disposable sigmoidoscope. A doctor uses this instrument to conduct a biopsy, where doctors collect tissue samples from inside the colon. A laxative or an enema is needed before this test is done. The scope has a lighted lens and bends inside the colon. It allows doctors to look inside. This is among the most effective tests to detect the presence of colon cancer.


If the concerned area is at the bottom part of the colon, then proctoscopy would be the ideal test. Doctors use a proctoscope, which is slightly shorter than the sigmoidoscope, but longer than the anoscope. That is why it can reach the bottom area of the colon, but not necessarily the innermost portions. Between the three tests, the sigmoidoscopy is the most thorough test. Doctors often recommend this so that they can peer inside the anal area, the bottom part of the colon, and the inner parts of the colon. Through the use of disposable sigmoidoscopes, they can determine whether an individual is prone to colorectal cancer or not.

It is essential for everyone to check the health of their colon. If you feel that you or someone in your family is at risk, visit your doctor immediately.

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