Create Engaging Content for Insurance Companies — Here’s How

Insurance website

In this age of technology, even insurance agencies have gone online. There’s a lot of insurance information on the web, but do people really read through all of them? P&C insurance marketing is a good example of an industry that can try to get more attention online.

The only way to do that is to have highly interesting content. Once you take on the web, there are some things you’ll have to consider. You’ll need to develop your website. You’ll need to drive traffic to it as well, and content is the key to that.

While insurance can be boring to some, notes there are ways you could write engaging content about it. Here are three steps to do so:

1. Go back to what makes you unique

“What kind of content should I write for car insurance?” is probably the first question you’d ask yourself. How about changing that to, “What kind of content should I write for our car insurance?”

Remember what separates you from your competitors. Your mission statement will lead you to create content that will showcase what differentiates you from the others.

2. Review your expertise

If you’re on the website of a home insurance company, reading a blog about why you should hire home cleaners could be quite confusing. Think about the many areas of expertise your company has and branch out different topics from that.

3. Use your company’s internal knowledge

Almost all companies have research and development departments and new ideas that come out from them can always make good content.

Interview employees in that field, or better yet, interview customers who have extraordinary stories to share about your product. That should really pique the interest of many.

Don’t let writer’s block stop you. Take it as a creative challenge to think out of the box for your company.

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