Which is Best for Your Breasts? Silicone Gel Implants vs. Saline Implants

breast implants

breast implantsMajor decisions in life, especially those involving your body and possible surgery, call for careful and serious thought. If you are planning to get implants, one of the most important decisions is choosing between silicone and saline.

Both have their own advantages, so it’s important to know which of the two is better before making a final decision.


Saline implants, especially larger ones, have a higher rate of downward displacement, known as “bottoming out”, as compared to silicone. The implants may also move towards each another, resulting in a condition called symmastia.

Symmastia happens because saline implants are generally heavier than their silicone counterparts. Specialist Cosmetic Surgery recommends implants coated with polyurethane, as these can reduce the likelihood of displacement.

Safer Option

Silicone implants are relatively safer because they are less likely to rupture than saline implants. In some cases, saline implants deflate, causing changes in breast shape and size, as well as discomfort to the patient. Although this doesn’t have any apparent health risks, you still have to undergo surgery again to extract the shell.

On the other hand, since silicone implants already come in sturdy sealed packages, they are less likely to rupture and leak.

Natural-Looking Breasts

Both breast implants have an outer shell of silicone, but they differ in consistency and material. Implants of the silicone variety contain silicone gel that closely resembles human fat, which means it looks and feels like natural breast tissue.

Saline implants, on the other hand, are packed with sterile salt water. They’re first inserted empty, and filled up when in place. Unlike silicone, saline implants look more artificial.

Wrinkling and Rippling

Both breast implants have at least a little bit of rippling, wrinkling, or any irregularity of the surface. Silicone implants have very little, while saline implants have a lot of it. Thin patients should use silicone implants instead, as the wrinkles and ripples are easy to see for those who have a thinner layer of fat.

In general, the best option for patients, especially those with thinner frames and those who want more natural-looking breasts, are silicone implants. The choice is clear, but it’s really up to you.

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