Start the Head Count: 4 Modern Types of People Counting Systems You Should Invest In

thermal imaging

Whether it is for a shopping mall, a restaurant, a marathon, a museum, or a library, the concept of people counting has become a necessity. Keeping track of people is a business need, not only for analytics purposes, but also for security reasons.

thermal imaging

Counting people manually is never a practical option, which is why there are many automated systems now available. Here are some of the modern counting systems you should consider getting:

Tally Counters

Widely known as clicker-counters, tally counters are one of the most popular people counting systems today. It is a hand-held device that is easy to use — you only have to click the button to count one person. However, the device is so simple that it cannot record the count. You would have to turn the knob completely andreset the display to “0000”.

Artificial Intelligence

Most visitor and patron counting systems use artificial intelligence to accomplish head counts. It is one of the most preferred systems, especially for businesses, as it works similar to the human brain — which  means it is one of the most accurate people counting systems available today. How does it work? It is somehow complicated, but one thing is for sure — it is accurate and reliable.

Infrared Beams

Infrared beams are one of the simplest and probably most affordable forms of people counters. The devices send a beam across a doorway or entrance. You can obtain the data from the device by connecting the system to a computer.

Dual infrared beams can even provide data regarding the flow in entrance and exit points.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging systems use heat sensors rather than cameras. This modern people counting system can cover wide entrances and works exceptionally well in the dark. Thermal imaging devices can last up to 25 years and are highly scalable, too.

These modern people counters have really helped businesses, as well as the government, in terms of mitigating security risks. The purpose of people counters is quite simple, but the advantages are numerous.

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