Machine Part Fabrication: Water Jet Cutting for Sensitive Materials

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airconditioning systemMost machine shops and manufacturers need precision cutting technology, and each one applies different methods to cut metals. The most preferred methods today in the United States is the water jet cutting method. To correctly program and operate these tables requires good training and awareness, including knowledge of computerized designing skills.

The Process

The pure water cutting process involves pushing a small stream through tiny nozzles at very high pressure levels. While water is enough for soft materials, it is combined with coarse materials like garnet to cut through extremely hard materials, such as metals, glass, ceramic, and stones.

This method is highly beneficial when the material to cut is sensitive to high temperature usually generated by some other methods. It has found applications in mining and aerospace, as it is a cool method of cutting.

According to Smart Cooling Products, the following are some of the advantages of this method:

  • No heat zones are created. With other methods, lots of heat are created, which are transferred to the materials being cut. This heat alters the properties of these materials and warps or melts them. With this process, as the temperature is kept low with the help of cooling towers, the quality of the finished product is not changed.
  • The use of these cooling devices ensures that the cutting table never gets heated. This helps retain the low temperature of the stream of water used.
  • They cool the incoming water instantly, allowing them to maintain the required temperature throughout the process.
  • The cooling tower is beneficial when plastic pieces are to be cut. It helps in maintaining the temperature within the range required between one to four degrees.
  • The cooling machines help prolong the life of the seals and pump used in the cutting process, as they do not get heated or damaged.
  • The coolers run quietly and are energy efficient. They are also not costly and are easy to maintain.

But, users have to be careful when using cooling towers for this type of cutting tables. Not all methods of chilling will be suitable for this method of cutting.

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