Aerial Yoga: More Than Just A Fitness Regimen


yogaEven if you have a hectic schedule, trying to squeeze in an aerial fitness session is important to enhance your core muscle strength—from climbing poles to lifting your legs over your head. Other forms of exercise may offer the same benefit, but aerial fitness is an ideal path towards strength development and upper body core improvement.

Aerial yoga enhances body awareness

When it comes to aerial fitness, you do not only deal with your arms and legs, but also with the fabric—a patented piece of aerial yoga equipment.

At first, it may be quite challenging to learn how to wrap your wrists and waist around the fabric, but with a few sessions, you can get the hang of it.

An upturn position is sometimes confusing for the brain, so the brain works extra hard to establish focus. Resulting in enhanced body awareness, you become mindful of your body orientation and the objects around you.

Yoga just doesn’t feel like a workout

While considered as an art form, aerial fitness is also an exercise regimen. It is an entirely different experience from going to the gym or engaging in vigorous physical activities. In aerial yoga, you gracefully create movements and poses without realizing you’re sweating. Simply put, it feels more like dancing in the air with a fabric as a partner.

You simply feel great not only about your body, but also about your well-being

Despite your attempts to dance in the air, you cannot escape the force of gravity. The aerial fitness exercise, however, can help in enhancing circulatory functions as well as decompressing your spine. As your body produces endorphins, yoga poses can help you feel better inside and out.

Dancing in the air through aerial fitness is a fun activity you can do alone or with friends. Studies suggest that people who try this exercise have improved confidence and better self-esteem, especially when they are able to perform the complicated moves.

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