Back Pain at Work, And How It Could Affect Your Workplace

Back Pain

Back PainEvery year, millions of Americans suffer from the stabbing, lingering pain of backaches. But no matter how trivial back pain may seem, this musculoskeletal condition takes its hardest toll in many American workplaces. In fact, data suggests back pain accounts for an estimated 186 million days off work each year.

Apart from loss of productivity, back pain may also affect how a worker performs his job, and may even lead to more serious work-related injuries when left unmanaged.

What Might be Causing Back Pain

Certain industries are at highest risk of work-related back pain. For instance, workers in the construction, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors are considered most vulnerable to this condition. Typically, work duties that require repetitive, forceful use of muscles are highly associated with back pain risks.

Ill-designed office tools and poor posture are also considered primary factors that may contribute to back pain in the workplace. Other causes of back pain are:

• Existing medical conditions
• Overexertion
• Mental and physical stress
• Lack of exercise

Am I Suffering From Back Pain?

Back pain does not only affect how a worker performs his duties, it may also make him more prone to other industry hazards, such as slips and falls. Seek medical help immediately if you experience one or more of these common back pain symptoms:

• Pain, tenderness, and tightness of the back that may sometimes radiate into the legs
• Reduced flexibility
• Muscle spasms
• Limited range of motions (compromised ability in sitting and/or standing)
• Preventing back pain at work

Here are the things that you and your employer might want to consider when fighting against back pain in the workplace:

• Relieve your back from constant, repetitive, and forceful motions by frequently taking short breaks for stretching. Stretching does not only rest your muscles, it also prepares your back and joints for upcoming movements.
• Consider fitness programs that may reduce the risk of back pain in the office. Vibration fitness exercise equipment, such as from Lifetime Vibe, may help you and your colleagues fight off painful back when at duty.
• For employers, investing in ergonomically-effective workplace instruments might be among the primary keys in preventing back pain in the workplace.

A back pain-free workplace could result in greater productivity and reduced workers compensation cost. Keep your office free from back pain for a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.

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