Taking Care of Your Teeth After Getting Implants

take care of your teeth

take care of your teethThe business of getting dental implants can be quite daunting for many. There will be discomforts and inconveniences and you should be prepared for that. With proper care, however, you would be up and about in no time.

After getting a dental or teeth implant, follow your Belfast dentist’s instructions carefully as well as the following pointers that would help you out.

Talk to Your Dentist

First, talk to your dentist. Learn everything you need to know about the procedure and list down all of the instructions. You would feel less uncomfortable if you know they are about to do with your teeth. Have your dentist explain all the steps involved in the procedure.

Pain, Bleeding, Swelling are Normal

Don’t be alarmed. After the anaesthetic wears off, take some over the counter pain medication to take the edge off the discomfort. Any minor bleeding or swelling is normal; just leave the area alone for it to properly heal.

Take some time off as well, and relax for the first day or two. Strenuous activities can hinder the healing process as it may trigger bleeding from the wound. Playing football with your friends can be tempting, knowing the culture in Belfast, but its best that you sit this one out this time and let yourself heal properly first.

Avoid Hard Food, Hot Drinks

You only have to do this for the first 24 hours or so, or as your dentist indicated. Hard food and hot drinks can trigger bleeding and may worsen the swelling so it is best that you stay away from these things for a while. Soft food or even just sticking to cold liquids would be better. The cold will also help lessen the pain and discomfort that you feel so that should certainly be a welcome bonus for you.

Finally, you should always keep your mouth clean to quicken the healing as well as avoid infections. Gargle with salt and warm water or with the oral solution that your dentist has prescribed for you. Avoid smoking as well, if you do, as this can hinder the healing process.

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