Adventurous Investments: Why Caravan Parks are Ace


Caravan ParkAre you looking for a refreshing investment? Maybe caravan parks are the answer. According to Resort Brokers Australia, over 85% of Australians has experienced caravanning or gone camping, and the number is bound to grow as more people look for economical holiday options.

Apart from being an affordable holiday option, getting on a caravan and living on the road is a life not limited to a certain age group. It also allows groups and individuals alike to see more of the world — or Australia, at least — without a strict period or a tight schedule.

 Here's why you should consider investing in a caravan park: 

An Economical Holiday Option

Who doesn’t love a good road trip to explore the best that Australia can offer? But, unlike going on a trip and paying hotels along the way, caravanning puts together your vehicle and your accommodation. You do have to pay for fuel, food and camping fees, but those are still relatively cheaper.

An Age-Friendly Adventure

With the recent fall in gasoline prices and a lower Australian dollar, holidaying at home rather than going overseas has become a popular option for Australians. Teenagers and baby boomers do enjoy their time on the road, but it is the grey nomads — a growing band of over-55 retirees — who make up the largest group of caravan travellers at 40%.

It is safe to say that no matter how old you are, caravanning is always a good option.

An Unexpected Turn

Finally, caravanning is the ultimate road trip because you have nothing to lose from a wrong turn. In fact, you might find something better than the original destination. Without the strains of hotel bookings and tour schedules, caravan adventurers have more freedom.

Wouldn’t you say investing in a caravan park is a wise decision?

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