5 Things that Make a Person Attractive

Bright Smile

Bright SmileRating a person as attractive is easy. With one look, you can determine whether a person looks good based on your own standards. There is no single face that is considered the standard of beauty, but there are features that contribute to one’s attractiveness.

Here are five things that people consider:

1. Flawless Skin – The skin is one of the easiest things to notice. As opposed to wrinkly and blemished skin, having flawless skin makes you look healthy and youthful.This isn’t to say that people with pimply skin cannot achieve beauty. Makeup can do wonders in hiding imperfections. Cosmetic procedures can also help treat acne problems.

2. Good Teeth  –  An attractive smile can greatly improve your appearance, any family dental clinics in South Bend would tell you. Have you ever seen someone so pretty? Then, she smiles and suddenly she doesn’t look so good anymore? That could be because of stained or an incomplete set of teeth. For this, dental procedures are already available.

3. Pink Cheeks – Pink cheeks are attractive for both men and women. As an indicator of health, pink cheeks and red lips tap into your subconscious desire to find someone to start a family with. Achieving a pinkish glow is easily achievable with makeup like blushes and tints.

4. Humor – The allure of a person doesn’t just depend on how they look. People with dry or no humor at all are less attractive than those who have good humor. What is the remedy for this, you ask? There is no subject in college that teaches humor, but improving your vocabulary is one step. You do not want to be considered hilarious for your wrong grammar!

5. Affinity – Here’s the big surprise: being in love with someone actually makes them more attractive. Any imperfections or faults suddenly become assets, and you can’t even explain it. That’s the magic of love. Why do you think they say that love is blind? Pun aside, try looking at people you had relationship in the past and you will realize they are not as attractive as you remember.

Anyone can be attractive.It’s just a matter of finding someone who will see you as beautiful. But while waiting on that, feel free to improve yourself and take advantage of products and services available at your disposal!

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