3 Signs You Didn’t Know Point to a Bad Car Transmission

Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance in TaurangaYour automobile’s transmission system consists of a complex mechanism, responsible for controlling power application from the engine to the driveshaft. Compared to many other parts of your car, this experiences a greater amount of wear and tear, primarily because of the heat and friction created by its many movable parts that come into contact with each other every time the engine runs.

Because of this, you need to properly maintain or repair your vehicle’s transmission system, or you can expect major issues to arise. Fortunately, transmissions about to fail typically send signals or warning signs, including the following:

Too much shaking or grinding.

A well-tuned ride should run smoothly. It should not make you feel as if there is an earthquake. When your car shakes and jerks a lot or produces grinding noises, these may indicate a gear issue.

For manual transmissions, grinding noises or difficulties shifting gears usually signal transmission problems. You may have to replace or adjust the clutch or gear synchronizes.

For automatic transmissions, symptoms usually come in a different form. For instance, you may feel a wiggling sensation first when switching gears, rather than the normal smooth change. Leaving this unresolved will just worsen the problem, with you having even more difficulties transitioning into the next gear and feeling a lot of shaking.

Smell of burning

When your automobile produces any kind of burning smell, consider this a red flag. In most cases, an overheated transmission fluid causes this odour. Remember: transmission fluid plays major roles in keeping your engine’s parts well-lubricated and cooled, so that they do not melt or wear out sooner than expected.

Failure to take care of this right away will damage the transmission so severely that you will have to replace it in the end.

Does not go into gear

This is one of the most obvious signs of transmission problems. It may have something to do with incorrect fluid levels, use of the wrong type of fluid, or the clutch linkage. Shift cables that need adjusting or your ride’s computer system may also cause this concern.

Once you notice these symptoms, get professional help immediately and take it to a shop specialising in transmission repairs.

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