Same House Yet Different Value? Know Why Housing Prices Differ


House For Sale in TruganinaWhen planning to buy a house, many people see the price of the property as their main concern. What most of them forget is that even if properties look similar, they may have different price tags depending on their view, accessibility and amenities, floor level, and many other factors.

The View

The value of houses with unblocked views will be higher compared to those with a blocked view. For instance, you planned to buy a home for sale in Truganina. Community developers like Westbrook Estate noted that the price of a house near a recreational area and a busy road would differ significantly. Houses with sea, river, forest and ocean views have a higher value than those without. The value could also hike if it has a good view of fireworks during special events and national holidays.

Accessibility and Amenities

Homebuyers wouldn’t mind paying more for homes with great amenities and accessibility. In fact, many of them go for properties within the proximity of subway stations. A home with a subway station will definitely attract a pretty good price. Closeness to banking facilities, high performing schools, health care centers, supermarkets and shopping malls have higher sale value, as well.

Floor Level

Of course, the view of any apartment for sale will depend on its level. Apartments at higher floors have higher sale value. Floor number could likewise determine sale value depending on culture and superstitions. For example, the Chinese believe that number four attracts bad luck. They would not go for an apartment on the 4th or 14th floor. Apartments on a higher floor have better natural air circulation, is less noisy and is not easily infested by insects.

Buying a home sweet home can be an exciting and laudable investment. Keep in mind that different factors can affect their price, so do your research before signing the deal.

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