Why You Need to Upgrade Your Commercial Garage Door

Rolling commercial garage door

Depending on the size or placement, a garage door can be the most notable element of a property. For many homeowners, one of the best ways to transform property is to upgrade their garage doors. Some homeowners want to align their garage door with the main entrance, while others want these two to have significant space in between. Whatever your design aesthetic, you know that a good car entrance takes into account safety and security before anything else.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, the climate could demand a specific material for your commercial establishment’s garage doors. The cold winters and the very hot summers in the state require materials that could provide insulation and safety. However, not all garage door materials are suitable in such a case.

If you are using an aluminum door, you will probably want to consider painting and dent removal as one of the upgrades. This process requires a few simple tools. For instance, you can use a mallet and a block of wood to flatten some of the dents.

Insulation is also another popular upgrade option. This too does not have to be too expensive. EPS foam fixed on the door is capable of offering all the benefits associated with insulation. In addition, you could focus on noise elimination where you tighten all the bolts and nuts. Maintenance may not help, but installing an upgraded opener helps reduce noise. Then there is design and style upgrade. Contemporary, tradition and carriage are the most popular. Here are some of the more common reasons to upgrade your garage door.

Improve Aesthetic Appeal

Improving the curb appeal of any property is possible in various ways, but budget and imagination often become an obstruction. Upgrading your commercial garage door is one of the most cost-effective ways to give your facility a completely new look. A modern appearance will give your establishment the appeal it needs to get an impressive ROI.

• Choose modern finish and material
• Select a style that reflects the business character
• Include decorative components
• Use a complementary paint color

Reduce Energy Costs

Utility billing statement and calculatorOne of the most effective ways to reduce energy costs is to take care of the building envelope. A proper seal will prevent inefficient air conditioning and heating processes. If there are substantial losses and gains, you may want to look at the garage door as the first culprit. Older garage doors often have problems with insulation and sealing so that an upgrade can reduce energy costs.

Increase Property Resale Value

The value of a property is based on various factors. While you cannot control market health and the location of the property, you can manage upgrades that determine the overall appearance. Installing a modern garage door can have a positive effect on a commercial facility. The good thing is that garage door remodels are easy to implement yet they achieve a lot in terms of enhancing property value.

Reduce Repair and Maintenance Costs

When you are using a door from the 70s, you can expect a large portion of your current costs to go into maintenance and repair. Inspection of the components is also a time-consuming process. Since an improperly working garage door is dangerous, you may not manage to avoid these costs. Even as you analyze between the values of repair and replacement, the latter will eventually suffice.

Modern garage doors are built to last for three decades or more. All the door needs is adequate preventive maintenance, and it will offer all the benefits outlined above. Experts in Salt Lake City commercial garage doors can even help you install a door that adds an eco-friendly advantage.

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