Why Companies Should Focus More On Social Media Advertising

Friends having fun with a smartphone

Millennials and Generation Z individuals make up a significant portion of the working class in the U.S. Hence most companies gear their products and services toward these age groups.

If your target markets include Denver, motion graphics artists can make your online ads more enticing and tolerable. Digital advertising has become more common due to the prevalence of smartphones and more options for 24/7 connectivity.

Tolerable Ads

A report showed that Millennial and Generation Z consumers prefer social media advertising to any other type of channel. Relevance is key when placing ads to a specific demographic, and experts believe that younger Americans consider ads on social media to be the most relevant for them. This explains why retailers became more aggressive in promoting their brand on social media websites.

Even established brands are finding new ways to attract customers, and this includes using animated graphics to advertise their products or services. For instance, you could explain more about your product and how it benefits your customers in a 30-second video clip, instead of just putting a bunch of text on still graphics that your consumers may just likely ignore on their feed.

Consumer Spending

Millennials and Gen Z consumers use smartphones to shop for items possibly more than any other age group. When planning an advertising campaign, make sure that your offers are specific to your target market’s location, especially for those who dislike paying for shipping rates.

Your competitors may also spend more on digital advertising this year, so think about expanding your budget as well. New research showed that digital advertising expenses among markets would reach more than $107 billion in 2018. This is the first time that spending for online ads will exceed the $100 billion mark.


Millennials and Gen Z consumers tolerate social media ads, but your brand may not resonate with your target audience if you don’t seek to be more creative in your campaigns.

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