Why a Heated Pool is a Great Addition to Your New Home


Little boy in a hot tub

Moving into a new home can be exciting, and there are usually many decisions to be made about the interior of the home. Your children, however, are probably super keen thinking about what’s out the back?

Your backyard is a space of endless possibilities where kids are concerned. Some buyers opt for homes with big gardens while others love the idea of a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a fantastic way to keep cool with your family, but did you know it’s even better if the pool is heated!

Here are some reasons why people love a heated swimming pool.

Go for a Swim in Any Season

Kids always look forward to summer and for great reasons, the weather is perfect for swimming. The only entertainment kids need is a swimming pool in the back garden.

With a heated pool in your new home, it means you can swim all year round and not just in summer. Maintaining a heated pool in your back yard allows you and your family to have an enjoyable swimming season. Pool Solar and Spa installs solar pool heating, solar collectors on the roof of your home that are designed to heat your pool water so that you and your family can swim in a nice heated pool even if it’s a chilly winters day.

Excellent Partners in Health

Heated pools aren’t only for the amusement of the kids — they’re for the health of adults too.

The Arthritis Foundation cites soaking in warm water as one of the oldest forms of alternative therapy. Research shows that 20 minutes in warm water works wonders for mild lower-back pain, arthritis and even fibromyalgia.

Bruce E. Becker, Washington State University’s director of the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute, says that water temperatures between 33 and 37 degrees are ideal for compressing the joints while providing a low-impact support for sore or inflamed limbs.

For those who have difficulty sleeping or are currently battling stress and anxiety, consider a short dip in a heated pool. Enjoy instant physical relief, reduced mental stress and better circulation.

There’s no doubt that pools are versatile features for any residential backyard. If you’re searching for a new home with an additional feature that’s both fun and great for your health, a heated pool might just be what you’re looking for.

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