Why a Dentist is an Obvious Choice for Botox in Stanmore?


a woman injected with botoxBotox injections are a popular choice for anyone wanting to reduce their wrinkles and fine lines and improve their appearance. But how many people have thought about going to their dentist for Botox? Dental professionals can do more than just looking after and gums. Some dentists are trained to deliver Botox injections and there many reasons why they are the best choice for this type of treatment.

Botox was initially introduced to reduce expression lines, but today the cosmetic application has several advantages. Although the most common areas treated are the forehead, between the eyes, corners of the eyes and sometimes the corners of the mouth, Botox can also reduce pain and improve the effects of too much gum tissue present in a patient’s smile. Botox in Stanmore is available in many dental practices, including Centre Of Dental Excellence, and here are some reasons why this type of cosmetic treatment should be ideally delivered by dentists.

An intimate relationship

Contrary to popular belief, a dentist does not only know about a patient’s teeth or gums. Dentists have been trained for many years in everything that is related to oral health and are familiar with the mouth and the entire face. As well as having a general knowledge of how the mouth operates, they also have personal relationships with their patients. Patients usually feel more comfortable with their dentist if they have been able to get to know them for a long period of time. Any injection can be a bit intimidating, especially for patients who feel uncomfortable around needles. A familiar and trusting face can be reassuring and calming.

Knowledge and experience

Dentists tend to use needles a lot around the mouth and they might have had to give patients anaesthesia during treatment. For this reason, they can ensure that injections are safe and carried out correctly. More importantly, dentists familiar with the procedures required to make patients feel more comfortable and can deliver injections accurately.

Botox in Stanmore is not necessarily cosmetic. It can also help patients who experience jaw pain and discomfort as well as patients who experience excessive sweating.

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