Keep an Eye, Ear, and Nose Out for these Brake Problem Signs

brake problem signs

When it comes to safety on the road, you may think of airbags that keep you from hitting your head and seat belts that keep you from flying out of your car, yet your first line of defense lies in your brakes. With functional brakes, you can stay safe on the road without ever using your car’s airbags.

Brakes can save you from vehicular accidents on the road, but you have to make sure they are in good condition. Any indication of damage or excessive wear, and you can have your brakes fixed or repaired in an Alexandria auto shop. Keep an eye, an ear, and a nose out for the following signs that tell you your brakes are failing.

Visual Signs

Visual signs of brake problems may appear when driving. As you brake, you may feel that your car has begun to stop at a slower rate or your brakes are not biting down enough. You may also notice that your steering wheel shakes or that your car pulls to the right or left when braking. All these signs indicate that you need to bring your car to an auto shop.

Aural Signs

As for aural signs, any unusual sound coming from your brakes warrant attention. You may hear screeching, grinding, or other noises that pierce your ears. You can also have the rest of your car inspected, in case the problem is with other parts of your car.

Olfactory Signs

Finally, any pungent odor that comes out of your wheels indicates a serious issue with your car’s brakes. Call a mechanic immediately and arrange for a tow service. You will be at risk if you drive your car in such a condition.

Catch any of these signs early, and you can fix brake problems immediately. Your brakes will work then work properly, and you will be safe from road accidents.

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