What to Do if You Think You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bug on a bed

If you suspect that you have bed bugs at home, it’s advisable to have a full inspection of your bedroom and other spots where you usually spend a lot of time. It’s also important to address the problem sooner than later to get rid of them quickly. Note that the longer it takes to discover and treat a bug infestation, the worse the problem is going to be.

DIY Remedies are Not Effective

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, you shouldn’t do it all by yourself. Home and other DIY remedies are harmful and not effective. There may be over-the-counter bed bug pesticides, but they’re not usually recommended. If you need to use chemicals and other treatment, it’s best to contact a bed bug pest control service company.

Don’t Just Spray Chemicals

Preparing your home is crucial for effective treatment. This does not mean spraying chemicals on the affected surface, as that can only kill some of the pests, but not the eggs. Vacuuming is essential, as well as access to spaces where bed bugs hide. Sometimes, spraying may only cause the bed bugs to hide and then thrive again on your property.

Do Your Part

Proper preparation means cleaning the house and getting rid of unnecessary toys, clothing, books, and other household items. You also need to clean the floors and vacuum the mattress, chair, couches, and other upholstered furniture. You should also wash and dry all bedding, clothing, and washable belonging to the hottest cycle.

After the treatment of your home, you need to monitor for the pests daily. You need to vacuum the infested area and keep clutter down. You still need to do this even if you don’t see signs of bed bugs, as the eggs could still exist. It’s also a good idea to seal your mattress using a bed bug zippered bedding encasement. This can prevent entry and trap bed bugs where they will eventually die.

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